HighCannaLight 100W light

is made with a 100% unique LED combination while using the latest LED technology, which ensures that the plants are giving the highest output in the right spectrum.

All HighCannaLight lamps are ISO9001:2008 certified and lab documented. It is also IP65 approved so no dust will be able to penetrate it and no jets of water can harm it. The lamp will be delivered with a 3-meter cable, which makes it easy to install.

The RA-value is 90 and that means you will not be needing special glasses to inspect the plant and control its development. There is even a saving of 50% of your electrical bill due to the smaller usage of watts since the lamp needs less ventilation and less cooling.

Actually, there is no need for ventilation at all, neither on the plants or the lamp, because when using LED lights all the energy is used to produce light. The investment will pay for itself within 3 years compared to using HPS. HighCannaLights lamp is highly recommended by the top professionals in the industry.