Is a Danish business with Scandinavian values that sells unique full spectrum LED combinations of the highest quality. We aspire to provide the very best products for our customers and therefore spent so many hours to find the perfect lamp for the perfect harvest only by using water and light. With 30 years of experience with growing equipment we are able to supply the highest quality of LED lamps.

We founded HighCannaLight with a clear belief and mindset that our knowledge and products can have a significant role within the LED industry. After overwhelming measurements of their effect, it became obvious that we can beat every competitor in every parameter. You can see the measurement results of our amazing lamps here. We continue to keep our focus on developing the best products by constantly examining the industry and keeping us updated on both the research and use of LED lights.

Sustainability is a matter very much at heart for us in HighCannaLight, and by using our lamps you can obtain higher lux with the use of less watts. This ensures a smaller environmental impact.

To ensure the highest quality of our lamps, they are all ISO9001:2008 certified and IP65 approved, which means it can stand conditions with moisture, water and dust. The lamps contain no active fan, which means no moving parts that break. We also provide a 3-year warranty of every product. See our lamps here.

At HighCannaLight we have seen countless examples of the yield from harvesting after using our lamps. With a distance of the lamp of 30 cm., it achieves a coverage of 120×140 cm.